Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So this is the idea.

Kids are picky. From age 3 through age 7 the vast majority of them are stuck in a kind of developmental psychosis, in which only about 6 foods are considered safe to eat.

At the same time, parents want to sit down with their kids and eat a meal that does not consist of macaroni and cheese and baby carrots, and a soundtrack of whining.

The solution? Deconstruct the meal.

In some parts of China, a typical meal is served like this: everyone gets a bowl of rice. Condiments and accessories to the rice are on the table. You make your own meal. If you are three and only eat beige foods, you can have rice, and possibly chicken. If you are five and don't care for beige foods, you can ignore the rice and go for the chicken. If you are seven and starved for micronutrients, you can eat a whole damn bowl of broccoli. If you are 37, you can have it all and douse it in hot sauce.

No nagging. No cajoling. No whining. Everyone gets what they want.

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