Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It was a low moment for me when my daughter switched from whole plain yogurt to low-fat, high sugar, bright pink yogurt. Full-fat yogurt from grass-fed cows is a healthy wonderful food and she was eating it plain all the time, getting all those great fats and omega-3's. Then one day she happened to notice her brother eating something pink, and it was all over.

At this point I wish we'd invested in the Stonyfield Farms Strawberry Yogurt division.

Once I tried to make strawberry yogurt with whole yogurt, frozen strawberries and honey. I added an obscene amount of honey, and it still wasn't even half as sweet as my kids have come to expect.

But I still eat whole yogurt, and I still want my kids to eat it. Only now I frame it as a special, fun dessert. In Greece, thick creamy sheeps milk yogurt with honey and sliced almonds is a classic dessert. Since kids love putting stuff on their own food, I expanded on this idea, and turned it into a Mothership Meal.

I put out a bunch of things for them to choose from. They pour on some maple syrup or honey, and then add nuts, frozen blueberries, granola, coconut, dried fruit, even dark chocolate shavings. It's so good!

PS To get all the good stuff you can out of yogurt, whether's it's made from sheep's milk or cows' milk, make sure it's made from grass fed or pasture-raised milk.

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