Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gettin Farmy

We're so farmy. We feed apples and onions to the oxen, chuck citrus fruit past the pigs into the mud, and argue over who gets to carry the eggs. Eggs are magical and must be fought over to gain possession. Some get broken every day.

Hens always escape and must be held.

This is the Cobb Oven, an outdoor clay situation, built around a discarded steel drum.

Tyler built a fire. We gathered blueberries and blackberries to make a bruise-berry pie.

This five-year-old brushed the pie dough with a beaten egg yolk.

Then this nine-year-old slashed the top, and we brushed it with egg yolk again.

While the pie baked in the Cobb Oven we gathered eggs!!

This hen was not budging.

Voila! Beautiful Pie! Two of the kids had to leave early, before it was done, so we agreed to wait until tomorrow to eat.

Tomorrow is our last day.

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Lindellica said...

god, I am sooo jealous. And that pig food does look amazing.