Thursday, January 29, 2009

Um, Mark?

I will say this about my friend Mark Bittman -- and this is not meant as a complete trashing, more like a polite expression of confusion -- for someone recommending less meat in our diets, he sure does recommend a lot of meat for our diets. 

I read a few posts and I'm all ready to go buy me some rib-eye, or soak some ribeye in cinnamon wine, or have a pig dinner with some farmers. (sounds AWESOME!) All the posts are either "don't eat meat", or else "hey check out this delicious meat you can eat". 

It's okay. He's a good man. I know he doesn't mean it. He just likes meat, but he knows it's bad.  I completely relate. 


lalamirahoney said...

hi larissa,
your bog is looking great -bad time to read it-I'm starving. so funny you mention Mark so much, last year I used him as a tool to teach english to one of my students who was going to study at a culinary school in nyc -got really addicted to is site, but have not looked at it in ages.
I belong to this mom and babies group here and now that Gioia is of eating age we don't talk about anything but what to feed them. I've made friends with a woman named caroline whose a nutritionist and 1/2 english. She was telling me some theories similar to mothership so I am passing your blog onto her -she ay contact you. Thank goodness for 3 things: 1. you had kids before me 2. you feed them healthy food and 3. you are willing and able to share all these great ideas. If you have any advice on foods the first year -please pass them on.
I have my regular doctor telling me it's ok to introduce animal products and gluten and the homeopath saying wait a year.
sorry this is an email really not a comment-my bad

Larissa Phillips said...

Hey there, thanks for passing on the word.

I really think that each baby is so different. Gioia knows what she needs. I feel so vindicated by Booker's near-total recovery from the last 8-9 years of food weirdness. Running out to his piano lesson tonight, he accepted a "hearty rye" Wasa cracker with goat cheese on it, crammed it down, asked for another and ran out. This is the kid who wouldn't drink juice or eat cake, he was so picky.

I know, I gotta stop talking about Mark Bittman, but I just keep getting deeper and deeper.

I miss you! Come back to NY!