Monday, April 28, 2008

In the News

Haven't been in the kitchen much, and have no food in my house after spring break. Until I get cooking again, here are some news items:

Power Scouts
These 12 year old girls in Minnesota decided to stop selling Girl Scout Cookies because the palm oil industry is killing orangutans. Now they have a web site and go around making presentations. These girls are so cool!

Global Food Footprint
This New York Times article about the environmental impact of shipping foods around the world is confusing, but worth reading. Like many articles of its ilk, it starts out identifying an issue (carbon footprint of our crazy global food trade), then gets a bunch of quotes of industry bigwigs denying that there is a problem, then adds a lot of complex conflicting facts, and leaves you thinking it's best to just walk away from this issue very quietly and never speak of it again. Still, worth reading.

Poisonous Blowfish, Anyone?
Cool Adam Platt article about his trip to Japan to eat the sperm sacs of the poisonous blowfish.

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