Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ramen Alert: Ippudo

A Japanese friend told me about this new ramen place in the East Village.

When I first moved to New York 10 years ago I was so excited to have great noodle soup places. I have always been obsessed with noodle soups, and always been deeply disappointed with the reality of what the world had to offer.

When I first got here I lived in the East 20's, just a few blocks from this place on 3rd Ave called Sam's Noodles, or something like that, which let you choose your kind of noodle and all the fixings, and which totally sucked. Republic, in Union Square, had a couple decent soups. Getting Pho in Chinatown was always good. But ramen has always been pretty elusive here (just like good Thai food -- don't get me started, I have given up on Thai food in New York). Rai Rai Ken was great until it stopped being great. Settagaya I love. But now they're saying Ippudo is even more amazing.

Here's Ed Levine's take on Ippudo. I stole that picture of the soup from his post, which it looks like he took it from Flickr. When I go, I will replace with my own picture. But I just had to post, being so excited that there is new ramen available.

Also a reader told me there IS a Japanese dept store in NYC, just a few blocks from Pearl River. (Thank you Cay!)Muji apparently arrived in Soho last September. I can scarcely believe my good fortune: a new ramen shop AND a Japanese department.

All my posts will not be about all things Japanese, I promise.

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