Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You Know Where Your Bacon Comes From?

Bacon is easily one of the top 10 most delicious foods in the world. There's just no way around this fact, no matter how smart and cute and funny pigs are, or how much you liked the movie Babe or the book Charlotte's Web. Bacon is just so good.

I will never stop eating it. So it is especially sickening to me to hear about pigs being abused just so I can have my Sunday morning special.

At D'Acres, we loved watching the pigs. They are hilarious cute creatures, who got cuter every day that we watched them. It didn't disturb me to know that they would end up as bacon, because I knew they were living a good life. Not too many animals, outside of dogs, cats and humans, get to live a protected life, filled with delicious food, warm clean straw bed and a humanely executed death. (The pigs at D'Acres even get a special last meal, how sweet.) I feel sorrier for the pigeons I see huddled by the curb with a broken wing than I do for the pigs at a farm like D'Acres. Starving or getting trampled to death would not be a preferred exit.

But the pointless abuse described in this article is criminal. I hope they are prosecuted, and I thank PETA for bringing these acts to the public eye. Watch out for Hormel, and know where your bacon is coming from.

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