Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Mistakes Not to Make

People, never give your kids sugar. Don't give them ice cream, don't give them popsicles, don't give them cookies. Don't even let them know about chocolate croissants or root beer. If you do, you may very well end up with the sugar-addicted monsters that I have.

Where did I go wrong? They are like heroin addicts, angling for their next score from the moment they wake up until halfway through dinner, when they start talking about dessert. It got really bad this summer. I'm not saying it's my mom's fault. Personally, I think kids should be in college before they have root beer for breakfast. But grandmothers have their own rules, I suppose.

And I'm not saying it's my husband's fault, but he does in fact by Ciao Bello sorbet about every other day.

But the chocolate croissants, cookies, Blue Marble ice cream, Milano cookies, gummy bears, the world's longest candy counter we visit in New Hampshire, Mallomars, rice krispie treats, marshmallows and candy canes: those are all me. What can I say? I'm weak. I have an occasional, and extremely nostalgic, sweet tooth. I love special exotic sweets, and holiday sweets and eating Junior Mints when I go to the movies. And so, now, do my kids.

Maybe this article by Tara Parker Pope would have helped. Six rules to live by. (I seem to be doing okay with the part about not restricting sweets...)


Jamie said...

Phew. I read this posting in fear that the last sentence was going to say you were taking your kids off sugar. What a relief.

Larissa Phillips said...

I dream of doing that. I envy and admire parents who have done it. But how can you? There are birthday parties, ice cream shops, holiday treats... And, Mallomar season is fast approaching, and you know how I feel about seasonal foods.

Jamie said...

See how much I learn from you? I totally didn't realize there was a Mallomar season.

Larissa Phillips said...

They only sell it in the winter, because they are so sensitive to the heat.