Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breakfast Pastoral

We're up in the Catskills now in a friend's bungalow. Sullivan County is farmland, and I followed my friend Nicole's half-remembered advice (by me-- a lot of wine that night she told me about it) to a stunning farm stand. The purple cabbage almost sent me into fits. (The price, too, but that was another kind of fit). It was this deep, lusciously ultra-saturated purple.

We got eggs there, a beautiful variety of brown, speckled and bluish eggs. The eggs scrambled up so beautifully-- a deep orange color that shocked even my kids. The scrambled eggs were delicious, with homemade whole wheat bread, sliced local peaches, and coffee. Okay, the coffee wasn't local and neither was the raspberry jam. But I was still in hog heaven eating this beautiful summery farm country breakfast.

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