Monday, October 12, 2009

More Eggs!

The eggs keep coming. It is so exciting. There is something so magical about the whole experience.

Yesterday I noticed only four hens walking around the yard. Keeping panic barely at bay and trying not to check for hawks, I peeked into the hen house and sure enough -- one of the brahmas was sitting in a nest box. She was doing what my son has named the "hen sit" -- sitting focused and alert, with her tail up.

We tiptoed around outside (my son still in his pjs, with a blanket wrapped around him) like expectant parents outside the Delivery Room. Finally -- the egg.

Today I got a call at work -- two more eggs, and finally, one of them blue.

Our little Scrambles, our mystery chick, everyone's favorite hen, is truly an Easter Egger.

Here she is a chick, back when we deeply suspected she was an Easter Egger. I took this picture to send to the hatchery to ask them their opinion. They had no record of a substitution; as far as they knew, we'd gotten five Brahmas. But they did agree; she looked like an Easter Egger. The woman writing said she hoped so, since Easter Eggers were her favorite breed of chicken.

But Scrambles was not a Brahma; she was dark and mysterious, like the dark-cloaked woman next to the silly petticoated Brahmas. Now she is so friendly, she will come up next to us to dig through the compost for her favorite grubs. When we walk out into the yard, she runs up to us, like -- what's going on? What are we doing now?

The mystery is solved.

She's an Easter Egger.
We're all so proud -- of all of them.

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