Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moving the Mothership

It won't be as unwieldy as the title implies. At least, I hope not.

After three years of blogging on my own lonely little soapbox, I'm moving to the fast lane. The New York Daily News is picking up my blog. They're expanding their web lifestyle options, and my blog is one of the new ones they're welcoming on to the roster.

I'll be blogging about the same stuff-- kids, eating, school food, and ... maybe a little less of my own griping wanderings and moanings... (focus! focus!)... but it'll be five days a week. Good thing my kids are still picky and school food hasn't been fixed. I still have lots to talk about after all these years.

Thank you all for your visits here in these last years! I hope you'll visit my new blog, um, every day. Make it your home page?

We go live on Friday, so I'll post the link then. Thank you all for keeping me company here!

PS I'll squeeze in a few more posts until then, so keep checking in!


Rebecca said...

CONGRATULATIONS Larissa! I will miss your very personalized blogs, but am thrilled for you. Yippee!

And can we come and visit the hens again. I'd love to show Rich your chick pad.

Booker said...

Thank you! and anytime! Email me!

Larissa Phillips said...

oops, that was supposed to be from me, not Booker.