Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FDA Says Cloned Food Safe to Eat

How weird is this?

Didn't the FDA also tell us that transfats, aspartame, silicon implants and Vioxx were okay?

Plus, never mind the science -- euw!

Usually when something feels wrong in your gut, and you can't explain why, but it just feels so wrong -- it is wrong. It's like that little voice that your mom always told you to listen to, even when the cool kids were telling you something wasn't technically illegal... Listen to the little voice.

AND plus, what's the point? I love this, from the Times article: "When you buy a box of Cheerios in New York and one in Champaign, Illinois, you know they are going to be the same,” said Jon Fisher, president and owner of Prairie State Semen in Illinois. “By shortening the genetic pool using clones, you can do a similar thing.”

Yeah. Because I hate that, how things taste different when I travel.


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