Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Spring!

I'm not religious (after running into a cross-carrying parade the other day, I told my kids with much dubious shoulder-shrugging and head-shaking about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter as told by Christianity), but I love Easter for the fact that it's basically a celebration of spring.

As I've mentioned, I've been working on the eco-Easter basket, with some success. It turns out so many things are spring-like and delicious, that it's a wonder Peeps ever saw a need to be made. Okay, maybe you like Peeps (as my mom does), and if so by all means indulge.

Here's what went into our baskets:

- Spring-like dish cloth to line the basket. This is so cute and right-looking (and practical!), I don't know why cellophone grass dares to exist
- Chocolate Easter bunny
- Ferrero Rocher chocolates (an Easter gift from a neighbor, which I decided to regift into the baskets)
- Jelly Bellies, tucked into plastic eggs which I saved from last year (Does anyone like Jelly Bellies? My husband got these. I feel good about them, they are like the malted eggs from my childhood; no one will actually eat them.)
- Lemon candies
- Strawberries
- Blood orange, perhaps the last of the season
- A Pansy, to be replanted tomorrow

If I thought my kids wouldn't scream at the sight of asparagus, I probably would have put some stalks in, for height, you know?

Anyway, happy spring! It's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow.

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Larissa Phillips said...

Now I'm thinking next year I WILL put asparagus. It would look so good!

Also wanted to relate my daughter's comments on Sunday morning: "MOM! I can't believe he brought us BLOOD ORANGES! HOW DID HE KNOW WE LOVE THEM?"

Both my kids ate their strawberries before they touched anything else, and my daughter ate her orange right after that. I'm so happy with our eco-easter baskets!