Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perfect Birthday Dinner

My son turned 10 on Monday. I work late Mondays and Tuesdays, so we waited until last night to have his birthday dinner.

His request? "Oysters. Good ones, you know? Not those giant ones. The little ones, really cold. Then rib-eye steak, with that thing you make, you know, with the parsley? The parsley mash. And for dessert, blood orange sorbet."

Be still my heart.

When prompted he agreed also on arugula salad with radishes. My husband and I might have chosen the exact same menu for our own birthday dinners. What, a kid absorbing his family's tastes and preferences? Shocking! And yet, after so many years of frustration, I can't help but be shocked.

Here's the dinner in all its glory:

We got these at Citarella in Manhattan. I think they are kumamotos.

Mignonette for the oysters-- vinegar, shallots and pepper.

Giant porterhouse steak.

Parsley mash -- essential for steak. It's a pesto of garlic, anchovies, capers, parsley, salt, black pepper and olive oil.

Arugula. There were radishes too. I believe that eating bitter sharp greens with red meat is beneficial. I know it tastes good.

Hey, if he didn't want a cake, who was I to push it on him? Sorbet is good!

They were giving out samples of this when I shopped, and I had to buy some to take home. It's ice cream made from coconut milk and agave syrup. It's amazing. Where was this when I was off the dairy?

Happy Birthday, kid. I can't express how pleased I am that we are moving beyond the picky years into the sit down and feast together years!


julie said...

Holy cow. My son is 7 and I cannot wait for this to happen to him. It breaks my heart that he won't try things. You're the best Larissa - keep at it!

Larissa Phillips said...

It really happens! If it happened to us, it can happen to anyone. We were so in the sticks for so long. Now I wish I'd stuck to my guns even more... but maybe flexible was what worked. Every day I am amazed by them. Anyway, don't give up!