Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snapple Magic

The milk petition is going well -- almost 1000 signatures on line and a few thousand more in person. We were hoping just to get 1000, so this is excellent!

When we were gathering signatures at the school, lots of kids wanted to sign, so we made a separate petition for them. One girl was running around the cafeteria recruiting signers.
If you haven't signed, please do. If you have, please pass on to friends in NYC who haven't signed.
thank you!

Meanwhile the Office of School Foods continues with the Snapple machines. Five years ago Michael Bloomberg made a deal with Snapple, that they could be the sole vending presence in NYC schools. Great, so the city's made millions of dollars on this deal, but at what cost? Doesn't it seem to a little counter-intuitive to be feeding unhealthy garbage to children, who are then getting nutritionally-caused diseases at unprecedented rates, which the city will ultimately have to treat?

Anyway, my ire was raised by Snapple the other day. I picked up my kindergartener in the school cafeteria. She had just come from gym and was overheated. The gym teacher suggested I get her some water. Too bad the water fountains in the cafeteria don't work so well, and I'd forgotten my water bottle. So it was off to the Snapple machines, which sell water in addition to Snapple. I put in the dollar and let my daughter punch the button for water. Uh... why did Peach Snapple come out? Did she accidentally hit the wrong button?

I really didn't want her to guzzle down a Peach Snapple, so I tried again, and this time I punched the water button. Peach Snapple again. First ingredient water. Second ingredient high fructose corn syrup.

I asked the security guard who was in charge of the machines and told him what had happened. "Yeah, that always happens to me, too," he said. I'm not going to accuse the Snapple people of doing an intentional bait and switch, but ... why is this happening?

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