Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicky Deedly Dee

Gosh diggely darnit, those chicks are some cute.

I was at work when I got the call from the USPS today (hey, let's here it for the Van Brunt Station, usually the worst mf'ing post office anyone's ever heard of, but I got two calls from them, and, unprompted, they put the chicks on the truck and hand delivered them -- something the hatchery acknowledged happens in Portland, ORE, but never mentioned Brooklyn, NY -- and then when I wasn't there, the delivery guy called me at work, and we back-and-forthed all day until the chicks got home.)

I'm sure that waiting for a baby to arrive from Korea is more painful and intense, but... I don't know. We were definitely tapping from the same well. We could NOT WAIT for these little chickies to arrive.

So I got the call, and I called my man, and he left work early to get the delivery. Then the kids came home, and I got a series of emailed photos and texts of cute pictures and comments.

such as these.

Now I am finally home, and I can sit and watch them and the oxytoxin just oozes in this free-flowing river of love and joy. Seriously, you could cut the cuteness with a knife, as I sit there watching these little bumpkins go for some feed and then in mid-reach decide -- OOPS!, actually I'm SLEEPY, I'll just tuck my head down here right in the feed bowl and rest on my beak and take a little 5 min-er

Like this:

They CHEEP! CHEEP! and it's uncanny, they sound exactly like a little chicky toy. How did they figure out how to make that cute sound?

whew. It's cute stuff around here. So glad we're doing this, and the eggs aren't even coming for six months.

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