Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Pancakes

Okay, so I'm not really a big MD-celebrator. My unconventional mother was scornful of the whole shebang. Even now if you call her on Mothers' Day, she kind of rolls her eyes and groans and mutters about what a guilt-producer of a holiday it is. I don't feel so passionately against it, but I don't lay any great claims to the day either.

Basically, I'm happy for that fact that it is GORGEOUS outside, we are going to the Queens County Farm Museum, and I have no deadlines, no worries, no... uh, promises to keep. (Sorry, the 4th Grade Musical was on Friday night and my son's class sang The 59th Street Bridge Song. Another class sang "Takin' it to the Streets", pumping their fists in the air on the chorus, the thought of which still makes me a little teary-eyed...)

Anyway, our Mothers Day breakfast was our family's latest favorite pancake recipe, which my son found on the internet at school several weeks ago and brought home and asked me to make.
"What kind of pancakes are they?" I asked him when he handed me the scrap of notebook paper on which he'd copied down the ingredients (which has has since kicked around our kitchen long enough that it has acquired enough stains and evidence of family life to become an Important 2009 Family Memento).

"It said they were Dutch Pancakes."

"What made you copy the recipe down?"

"I don't know, I just thought they sounded good. Can you make them?"

This is what I thought parenting would be like: my kids bringing home interesting recipes or ideas and asking me to make them. I didn't know it would take 10 years to happen.

It turns out they are really thin pancakes, basically crepes. My son is devoted to the recipe's suggestion to use cinnamon and sugar and butter, instead of our usual maple syrup. Considering the price of maple syrup these days, I'm all for this. He rolls them up and eats them like a hot dog. He shouts enthusiastically when I suggest making them.

I keep meaning to use some buckwheat flour, to make them like breton crepes, but keep forgetting. I use whole wheat flour, and they're great.

Happy Mothers' Day to all of you moms out there!


Your Health Planner said...

Nice, Larissa, and Happy Mother's Day to you. Yes, Dutch pancakes are much thinner than their American counterpart. And, they are not eaten for breakfast, instead, they are enjoyed at every other part of the day: lunch, afternoon snack and dinner! They are often rolled up and taken to school or out on your bike for an "on the go" snack. They are eaten with all sorts of both savory and sweet toppings. My favorite: cheese and ginger.

Nice catching up with you here. Hope you are doing well!

Larissa Phillips said...

Rolled up and taken to school -- what a great idea! I have to get my kids into the savory side. Cheese and ginger. Really? I'll have to give it a try!

Great to hear from you!