Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noms de Plume

We have names.

This is Scrambles. She is our mystery chick, because she doesn't look like the other chicks, who are all Brahmas. Scrambles has more wing feathers, scruffier fluff, and no feathers on her legs. She is also a little more advanced than the others. First to scratch, and still the best at it; first to roost, and still has the best balance. We think she's a little smarter than the others. We're hoping she's not a he.

Then there is Monkey, Fancy, Nancy, and Sunset. They all look identical, so I'm not going to introduce them with individual pictures.

They are still cute, and our house is suddenly a very popular destination for a playdate. Four kids coming over today.

Chicks are funny how they like to sleep in their food bowl.

It's really relaxing to sit there and watch them.


Krystal said...

Cute li'l chicks! I hope we're able to get some next year

Lindellica said...

I wanted to contact you about scheduling a playfdate, despite my child being years and years younger than your'sn... but then I worried about her ability to handle chicks and so need to postpone until they are slightly less fragile.

They look amazing though, but now I am worried about Scramble. Don't let his name be prophetic, if he is a he!

Larissa Phillips said...

Krystal, I hope you get your chicks!

Lindellica, they'll basically be grown in a couple weeks, so we don't have long to wait. Come on over! I won't make you go to the Coop first!