Friday, July 31, 2009

School Garden-apalooza

Our school's garden made amazing progress this year -- basically went from concrete slabs to a little jungle of peas, lettuce, squash, tomatoes of every color, broom corn, bamboo, basil, mint, and more.

Unfortunately, it was so blazingly hot and humid when I visited today that I neglected to get a full picture of the Jurassic park situation that has erupted in this concrete alley.

We'll have to make do with these pictures of ecstatically-picked micro carrots (the next trend?) and my kids' efforts to climb over the enthusiastic squash vines.

The best part was, as my guide Mirem explained to me, that the teachers and the principal are involved. "Pre-K did this section... this is a three-sisters box [squash, corn, beans-- a native american symbiotic gardening concept -- to be used in the 4th grade Native American curriculum]... the afterschool program did the peas...." It was incredible, and only the first year.


Martha said...

What school is that? My daughter is going to ps58 next year.

Larissa Phillips said...

This is 146. But if it happened here, it can happen at any school! Email me if you want support or ideas!