Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Yogo-Rama

Everyone I know is obsessed with this yogurt. Seriously, like 4 people have raved to me about it in the last week. Raved, like posessed lunatics. I guess it just hit the Brooklyn Fairway and the Food Coop.
But, it's true. I feel their obsession: It's AMAZING! I love it. I guess this is what the Stonyfield Farms Strawberry Yogurt -- which my kids love but I find disgustingly sweet -- tastes like to them. Just unbelievable.

It's creamy, thick, tangy, berry goodness.

Then, I had a Reeses moment this morning, eating my Traderspoint Creamery Yogurt next to my daughter, who was eating her usual morning ration of frozen blueberries. Delicious grassfed whole fat yogurt with frozen wild blueberries? Two great things, one great taste.

Wow, delicious.


nicole Franchuk said...

i'm so glad you found this. after i raved, i went home and realized it's from indiana. so much for local.

Larissa Phillips said...

You were the first raver, followed by many (and they keep on coming). I hereby excuse all of us for loving and buying and eating this non-local deliciousness.