Monday, March 17, 2008

What Kind of Parent Cuts the CRUSTS OFF?

Uh, guilty...
I do this despite the fact that before I had kids I was scathingly scornful of the all the morons out there peeling their kids' apples and cutting off their crusts. What was wrong with these idiots?

Well, now that I have kids I'm a little more humble and a lot more desperate. My 8-year-old comes home at least a few times a week with virtually nothing eaten out of his lunchbox. What am I going to do? Not only do I cut the crusts off, hoping to make it easier to take that first bite, I also give him a juice box. I used to put in a little water bottle, but turns out he was harassing other kids to trade a juice box for... I'm not sure what in his lunch might have constituted a cool trade (some carrot coins, perhaps? a black sesame rice cracker?), but you can't blame him for trying. Still, lunch remains a problem.

"They don't give us enough time," he says. Plus, the kids are in a rowdy lunchroom, set free for the first time in a few hours, and still haven't had recess to run off their energy.

Some schools give the kids recess first, then lunch. This makes more sense to me.

If you're interested in joining the fight to improve school lunch, come to the Baum Forum's School Food Conference at Teachers' College on April 11 and 12.

Believe it or not, despite the fact that I cut my kids' crust off and give them juice boxes, they've asked me to talk about starting a school food committee. Don't tell them about the juice boxes, okay?

Hope to see some of you there!


una said...

You're a bad,bad mommy. Keep your non-crust eating kids far away from my crust eating kids. See you at the Forum!

Cay Tolson said...

I LOVE your blog. And i love the mothership meals idea, we already do a variation on this.

And i cut the crusts off too. my dirty little secret. Come on, don't you like your sandwich better with the crusts off? Plus then the kids will actually eat the whole sandwich, as opposed to leaving a 1" border so as not to have a single molecule of crust pass their lips...
i'm so glad yuna turned me onto your blog--