Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Great, Another Candy Holiday

Easter is upon us. Time to jack up our kids on more candy.

Every year I try to come up with ways to either give healthier candy, or candy alternatives. So our Easter bunny always brings a candle -- this year it's these cute beeswax eggs. Some art supplies, some good chocolate, chocolate-covered peanuts and we're good to go. The jelly beans were given to me, so I guess I'll hand them off to my kids. If I can get some pistachios or dried cranberries, I'll put those in, too. Ohh yeah, and I have a couple little Dover books with sparkley dinosaur tattoos. That's Eastery, right?

AND, don't forget the spring-like dish towels (the blue one is in the picture-- they're for lining the baskets, instead of the plastic grass). Kids love dish towels, right? Uh, yeah. Well, if they don't like them, maybe the Easter Bunny meant them for Mommy.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


naomi dagen bloom said...

did you find these knit/crochet potholder patterns?

Larissa Phillips said...

Thanks Naomi! Those are so cute.