Thursday, October 2, 2008

Candy Scare

Last month, California health officials tested this candy made in China, White Rabbit Creamy Candy, and found it contained traces of melamine. Yesterday, some of the candy was found in Connecticut, and consumers have been warned against eating it. You can read the whole story here

I've personally never had, heard of, or seen White Rabbit candy (although I love the Wikipedia explanation that, because of its supposed nutritional components, "The candies hence accompanied the growth of a generation."), so I'm not too personally bummed out about this. It's not like Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Almonds was suddenly found to be poisonous, or Blue Marble's chocolate ice cream...

Still, cheap candy is not completely exempt from my life. For instance, there's this little holiday coming up soon...

My kids trick or treat on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, where stores give out the cheapest, worst crap in the world. Or so I thought until now. Okay, so Fifth Avenue is out this year. But even then, I'm a little unsure. My confidence is shattered, in this whole candy business. And in this China business. And this... global trade business.

I think the Halloween fairy may be paying our house a visit this year, taking all that trick-or-treating loot and maybe leaving a nice Fair Trade chocolate bar and a little toy. Or some money. Anything other than candy that might have been made in China.

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