Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oprah and Lisa

I haven't watched much Oprah since those cozy overwhelming days when it was me, my first baby, and a mountain of laundry on the couch. Oh, and my unemployed -- er, freelance -- friend who lived upstairs usually managed to nestle in somewhere. It didn't even matter what the topic was; come 4 pm, there we were, swilling coffee and dishing on Oprah's clothes, her makeup, her latest diet and anything else that came to mind.

But I don't have the time these days, and, too, (as Sarah Palin would say, and I find that I like saying it also, too) I have sentient kids who can't be there if there's anything even approaching a good topic.

But I'd watch today if I could -- Lisa Ling is going to present a report on How We Treat the Animals We Eat. You can see a preview on YouTube.

This is a huge issue for me. Yes, I eat meat. Yes, I love animals. How do you reconcile this seeming conflict? In my mind, you treat the animals well. California is voting on Proposition 2, regarding animal confinement next month. Should animals we're raising for food be allowed to "lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely"? Gee, let's take a vote.

Maybe this show will bring it to the consciousness of other states as well. I never thought I'd say this, and one of her successors is certainly influencing my giddy feelings of solidarity, but: Go, Lisa!

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