Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let Them Eat Candy

I've eaten a lot of chocolate in my life, and my vast, extreme, drooling preference is for Equal Exchange's Dark Chocolate with Almonds. I might consider putting a costume on and going door to door if everyone were giving out candy like these minis by Equal Exchange.

Okay, so $20 is a little steep for Halloween candy, but you get about 75 pieces. And no melamine. So, that seems like a pretty good deal, right?


Twenty bucks, just to fatten up other people's kids.

Maybe if they mixed up the bag a little -- dark with almonds, milk chocolate, dark with cocoa nibs, plain dark -- like the classic Halloween mix by old you-know-who, they'd have me.

All you people unaffected by the downturn, this is your moment. I'll think of you and your fat green wallets as I troll the candy aisles at the Rite-Aid, squinting at labels, trying to find the least bad candy for the wee little ghouls and goblins.

If you order by October 21, they guarantee delivery by Halloween.

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