Friday, March 6, 2009

1 Part Organic Fetish + 1 Part Economic Crash....

= a renewed interest in home gardening.

When I was growing up, even my non-homebody-ish grandmother used to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and basil in her TINY courtyard. It was just what you did. 

My mother took it a little further -- when she moved to a little residential block with a shady backyard, she planted corn in her front yard, which when I was a teenager I thought was just plain weird. (My mom, shrugging, unconcerned: "But that's where the best sun is.").  Then I grew up and moved to Brooklyn where, in Chinatown, you can still see entire front yards taken over by squash vines and corn stalks. It's making sense to me now. I'm sure I could grow great tomatoes in my front yard...

Leonard Lopate had blogger Kerry Trueman and urban "ag-tivisit" Adam Brock on his show yesterday, talking about urban gardening. I was desperately trying to listen to the show in the car, while also carrying on a conversation with my daughter. Not a great outcome.

I just found it on the WNYC website, and I'm totally psyched to start gardening this spring!
Have a listen:

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