Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feed a Fever

Late winter viruses have hit our house -- my son last week, my daughter this week.

My son, who is nine, knows a thing or two about being sick. He lies on the couch in a sleeping bag, alternately moaning and sleeping. He can swallow aspirin, asks for tea with honey, and he knows what sick foods he likes. Chicken soup that Mom is making from scratch right there as he sweats it out on the couch? Uh, no. He likes tortilla chips with lime, and bananas. Those are his return-to-eating-after-a-fever foods. Those and ... this new request.

From the couch, a feeble creaky voice: "Mom? Can you make an apple pie?"

I don't know if it was a fever dream, but I jumped at the chance. Why not? I had butter and flour, could get apples around the corner, and I would love for him to have another fever food. PLUS, I was working on a deadline and needed something to procrastinate with.

Unfortunately, he was may have been hallucinating, as he turned out to have no interest in apple pie, and I was forced to eat most of it.

My daughter is sick now, but takes after her mom, and sees no reason to let a little feverish stomach ache keep her from eating.

What do you all feed your kids when they're sick?


Lindellica said...

Ice cream. When she's not into that, I worry. Pedialyte pops. Hrm, I bet you could make a natural version of those pretty easily, actually.

And french fries, if she'll eat them.

She and I have been chasing colds for the past two weeks -- not getting really sick, just enough to be a little annoying. I am terrified of this flu that we have not yet gotten...

But as soon as you guys are un-contagious, sure, take me to the scary co-op :_)

Larissa Phillips said...

The indoctrination is painless, don't worry. A few quick snips and you'll see the light...

Natural pedialyte pops could be big.