Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greening the Easter Basket

Yippee! Spring is here! Asparagus, strawberries! No more wind burn or chapped hands or down coat the size and heft of an arctic sleeping bag! Crocuses and daffodils! Easter baskets! Plastic grass, stupid throwaway toys, cheap crappy candy and --- wait, whaaaat?

Ew, when did Easter baskets get so lame?

In "Feeding Your Family", the column I write for, I wrote about this pressing issue: Easter Baskets, how to spruce them up a bit. Really, how to make them less crappy. Less plasticky, less disposable, less dollar-store, less cheap slave labor-produced chocolate. I mean, come on, what would Jesus think about those atrocities we all grew up with?

Okay, I'm not really thinking about Jesus when I make up an Easter basket. It's more of a Pagan holiday for me, a little celebration of spring. Here are some ideas:

- Spring-colored dish cloth instead of plastic grass
- Egg-shaped candles instead of lots of candy
- Seeds or bulbs or pots of flowers

I'll take a picture of the ones I'm preparing, as soon as I have everything assembled. If you have any ideas, post comments. Pictures? Send them to me and I'll post them.

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!

I just saw these in a magazine: Soy wax "Crayon rocks" --they look like polished stones, but are crayons

I think they kind of look like easter eggs...a little? :)


zeke said...

LOVE the idea of a dishcloth instead of grass. Never liked the stuff, anyway. I made my lovely a basket a few years back that we use every year. Maybe a good project for the childers? Only being a nascent father myself I am not sure, but it seemed like a good idea.

Larissa Phillips said...

I love those soy crayons, great idea!
A project is always welcome. Paint a pot? Plant grass seed in egg shells? There are so many things to do besides buy crappy plastic toys and candy.