Friday, June 13, 2008

"Bad Cow Disease".. and Everything Else

Is bad American food the result of a conservative conspiracy? Is that why Koreans are protesting the re-introduction of American beef, why there's salmonella on the tomatoes, why there was e coli on the spinach and why American children have a shorter expected life span than their parents?

That's Paul Krugman's take in today's Times. He thinks the old school conservatives in the last century were so opposed to the FDA that they did everything they could to hobble it, making it an ineffectual institution.

That may be true -- and the ineffectual pert, definitely -- but there is also something entirely incongruent about mass marketing food. I don't care who's overseeing the process, you just can't make a million units of some food product, expect to ship it all over the place, have profit -- not food -- be your main motive, and expect the nourishment and integrity to remain intact. It just doesn't work that way.

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