Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smoothie Time

When we're out and about it's almost impossible to find popsicles that aren't made with high fructose corn syrup and a bunch of other nasty ingredients (see Italian Ices, below). Don't get me started about the demise of Froz Fruit popsicles, which used to be made from cane sugar and must have been sold in the last few years, as they're now made with HFCS.

So we keep the blender out on the counter this time of year, and make lots of smoothies, which we then freeze into pops. This way I know there's no added sugar or artificial colors and my kids are getting experience with delicious treats that aren't PACKED with the maximum level of sweetness.

Our basic combo is frozen strawberries, orange juice and bananas. This makes a sweet, berry-colored, extremely palatable smoothie. You can add yogurt -- plain or vanilla -- to make it more substantial. Breakfast pop, anyone?

But I also love making smoothies and pops with Samabazon Acai smoothie packs. Also known as the Brazilian palm berry, acai is so packed with anti-oxidants that it is almost like dark chocolate. I would have named it the chocolate berry. I do the same combo as above, minus the frozen strawberries.

Here's a cute video from the founders of Sambazon about how they discovered acai on a surfing trip in Brazil:

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