Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fennel Soup

Not a lot in the fridge tonight, but my kids appear to be growing lately -- eating everything in sight -- so I walked on the wild side, served fennel soup, mushroom-leek ravioli and arugula salad.

The fennel soup with so simple: chicken stock I'd made earlier in the day with shaved fennel, a little bit of cubed ham, half a chopped leek, and a handful of frozen peas thrown in the last second.

For the ravioli I sauteed the other half of the leek and some garlic in a knob of butter and a dash of olive oil, added some capers, and for lack of white wine, a splash of vermouth. And some salt and pepper.

Ordinarily this would all be out of the question. Leek-schmutz on the ravioli? Brown stuff inside the ravioli? Broth with STUFF IN IT? But they are going through some huge growth spurt. My almost-5-year-old has grown so much I sometimes don't recognize her in my periphery. And every day I am putting clothes out on the fence that no longer fit them.

So: they ate it. Not everything. Maybe it helped that I growled at them at one point that I didn't want to hear about what they thought about the soup. (The 4-year-old: "Okay but Mom can I just say one more thing about the soup? It's not sweet.") And, they navigated their way through it, ate what they wanted, left what they didn't, and decimated the ravioli.

Could it be the madness will end?

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