Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Picnic Ideas from Apartment Therapy

When my daughter was a raging toddler, the only way we got through some of the worst evenings was by packing up our dinner and heading for the park. There she could toddle around after squirrels, chase fireflies, drop food, screech, fall down and generally wreak havoc, while we sipped wine from plastic cups and didn't worry about a thing.

She's a little more civilized these days, but we still eat in the park at least once a week this time of year. Plus, our local free concert series, Celebrate Brooklyn, starts this week, which means it's officially picnic season.

Just in time, there are some stylish picnic ideas from the busy bees over at Apartment Therapy, my current blog of obsessive choice. (EVERY time I go there, they have something new up. It's like a game, to click over and try to catch them with old material. Never.)

I love the fancy Tiffin Box from DWR (pictured above), but at $85, I think I'll stick with the Pearl River version ($15.50).

Happy Picnicking!

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