Thursday, June 12, 2008

Japanese Meatballs

I was making hamburgers last night and decided to hold back a little of the ground meat for lunchbox meatballs.

A recipe in Harumi Kurihara *'s cookbook Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking calls for mixing ground beef and pork with onions, breadcrumbs, butter, milk and egg; and then topping it with a teriyaki sauce (1 cup mirin, 1/2 cup soy sauce and 2 tbs of superfine sugar). Whoa, that is way too complicated for me, especially when you've got really great meat to work with.

I just added a couple teaspoons of soy sauce to the meat, mixed it in and made about 10 little 1-inch meatballs. They went on the grill with the burgers. I could barely keep my kids from devouring them all after dinner, and even my sandwich-only kid (the 9-year-old, who apparently thinks tortellini and other leftovers are for baby's lunches) wanted them in his lunch. "They're so good," he said, and I quote, "I can't stop eating them."

These could be a great staple. You could pack them with rice balls, some cut-up fruits and vegetables, and have a great lunch. I'm sure Biggie over at Lunchinabox freezes them, cooked, and takes them out in the morning to thaw in the lunchbox. Not a bad idea.

* The so-called "Japanese Martha Stewart"


Rowena said...

This looks really good. I think my kids would even eat it. I think I might like it too.

What do you serve it with? Rice noodles? how do you prepare those?

Larissa Phillips said...

They are delicious! I'm sure you would love them! You could serve with anything. Vegetables, rice, or a salad... Most rice noodles have directions in English on the package. If they don't, I usually just boil them and keep checking for when they are done.