Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heat Wave Food

Ugh, it's so hot! And it's still not over. I just got an email from my son's teacher asking parents to email the mayor's office demanding that school be cancelled when it's over 100-degrees. No air-conditioning in their 3rd floor classroom, with giant windows facing the sun, over the highway...

The one good thing -- I remembered one of my favorite heat wave foods: Cabbage Salad from Isla Mujeres.

A long time ago I went on a snorkeling trip in Mexico. After the snorkeling, the guys running the boat took all us gringos to an island, where they pulled out some giant fish they'd just caught. Where did the fish come from? Details are escaping me. Did another boat come up at the last second and give us a fish they'd just caught? I can't remember, all I know is, they had this giant, freshly caught fish.

And lots of avocados and limes. And cabbage. And some really sharp, enormous knives.

So they lit a fire and made this meal from scratch: grilled fish, guacamole, rice and beans, and a cabbage salad. The cabbage was shredded so finely, and tossed with sea salt and lime juice, so that it wilted a tiny bit. It was amazing, and something I made regularly for years, until I sort of forgot about it, until tonight. I used to add a dash of olive oil, which was good.

So we had that tonight with tacoes. Mmm. My kids didn't eat the cabbage. In fact, my four-year-old ate almost nothing, and then was devastated, as I was cleaning up, to find out I wouldn't give her a bowl of blueberries.

I'm taking leftovers to work tomorrow, where I can only hope that the air conditioner has been fixed since last week...

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