Saturday, June 7, 2008

The New Victory Gardens

It would kind of suck to pay $245 for a garden trough, but this Food Map container is pretty cool. And it's nice to see the design world appreciating the homegrown world.

It's all happening so fast, this convergence of garden mania -- in the schools, in the press, in shelter magazines...

I saw my friend Mirem last night. She is a landscape designer, and is working on a prototype for an easily replicated school garden that could live in a playground, and still be safe from soccer balls and night time prowlers.

And I love this:
the revival of the Victory Garden. We're after a new kind of victory now, right? As the site points out, the average dinner travels 1500 miles to get to our table. Need any ideas about how to reduce your carbon footprint by planting some of your own food? They've got lots.

I need more sun in my garden, but my herbs and peas are doing great. Tomatoes... not so much. I'm dreaming of a rooftop garden, but until then my part shade patch will have to do.

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Dr. Susan Rubin said...

Right on! Now that gas is $4 a gallon and heading to $5 before the end of the summer, growing your own food is starting to look like a real smart move!